Paint Protection Film For Self Healing against Car Paint

The paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane often self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions, Also Increase the gloss of the car.
Buying A New Car? Worried About Getting Scratches?


Introducing Paint Protection Film, One Time Investment To Protect Your Car’s Paint! Protects From Scratches, Increases Gloss, Bug Splatters, Stone Chips!

TPH – PVC/ TPH is a cheaper version of TPU Film!
TPU – TPU is 2 types – Aromatic and Aliphatic TPUs. For better durability, Aliphatic TPU is preferred. Ashland Gum is Used, which is the Best Gum for PPF in The Market

2 Types of Paint Protection Film In The Market!

Cons of TPH – Less Stretchability.
Lesser Gloss Than TPU.
Less Self Healing Properties.
Don’t Use on White Cars ( a film which cannot be used on the white car means its TPH )
Japenese/Chinese Gum is Used!

Cons of TPU – Basically There are no Cons for TPU Paint Protection Film, The only problem is choosing which brand to go for. Ask The Dealer for PPF Test.
Before choosing ( Gloss Test ) ( Self Healing Test ) ( Scratch Test ).

What I Recommend – Always Get PPF Done From a Professional Detailer.

Check a Car Done By Them, Finishing of PPF is the Most Important Thing, How Straight The Cuts Are At The Edges, Where PPF Cannot Bend.
Paint Correction Before PPF is Very Important
PPF Are Done Indoors.
Don’t Go For The Cheapest Product! Go For Value For Money Product!
You Not Only Need To Choose The Right PPF For Your Car, But Also The Right PPF Installer

Please Note:- All PPF Requires Maintenance Once or Twice a Year, depending on the usage of the car.


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