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What Is Ceramic Coating || Advantages & Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

what is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating in General is a nano protective layer on your car to prevent bird drops, iron powder, UV, dust and dirt, it also increases the gloss Drastically.

The term ‘Ceramic Coating’ is familiar to most car buyers today. Even before delivery, some take their new car to apply the ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a clear coat which includes a liquid polymer.

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When the ceramic coating is applied to a car’s body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Once coated, it can only be removed by abrasion, not by any chemicals. If done correctly, ceramic coating can even last the car’s lifetime.

– Warranty Period ( 1-5 yr warranty )
– The Brand Value, which also makes the difference

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Planning to apply a ceramic coating on your car? You should know about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating!

Ceramic Coating Advantages

The ceramic coating offers good protection to the car’s surface. The nano-coating can protect the car from most scratches, dirt and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating also doesn’t have any side effects on the original paint.

Ceramic coating also lasts longer than regular paint. Since the coating is infused with the stock paint due to strong chemical bonding, the protection stays put even under heavy shocks and vibrations.

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A car with ceramic coating is also easier to clean. The body panels of a ceramic-coated car will be smooth and free of abrasions. Such a surface offers no place for dirt to stick on to. Even if it does, a simple swipe with a clean cloth brings the car back to its radiant finish.

Earlier, cars were given that extra shine by waxing. However, waxing is temporary and will eventually wear off. Both waxing and ceramic coating take a considerable amount of time to be applied. But in the long run, ceramic coating is better than waxing due to its long life and better finish.

The long life of ceramic coating indirectly makes it highly cost-effective. In addition to all the above advantages, the ceramic coating makes your car look so much better.

Disadvantage Of Ceramic Coating

All the above-mentioned advantages of ceramic coating come at a high price. The market price of ceramic coating an average car is in the range of Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 or even more, depending on the quality. Though it might be cheaper than PPF (Paint Protection Film), the price of ceramic coating is still high.

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Ceramic coating application takes time. If you plan to do ceramic coating on your car, be ready to leave it at the detailing shop for at least three days. Also, if not done correctly or professionally, the ceramic coating might look worse than the original paint finish of your car. Thoughts On Ceramic Coating Advantages And Disadvantages

Everybody wants to keep their cars in their best shine all their life. Since ceramic coating offers protection for the lifetime of the car, people still opt for it even at a high cost. There are many reputed detailing shops in Kolkata, such as Wrapclinic which offer good-quality ceramic coating. If the ceramic coating is not your thing, you can always opt for the lesser wax protection or the superior Paint Protection Film.

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